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eBikeLabs solution for Free Floating helps our customers to globally improve their mission in terms of fleet monitoring and reliability of the entire ebike service. By insuring a 24/7 diagnosis process of all electrical parts in each bike, the savings on maintenance costs are expected substantial. Beside, the solution can include a remote wheel-locking system to avoid the bike to be stolen.

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eBikeLabs Solution

eBikeLabs offer consists in 3 parts :

- The EBL Proprietary Connected Controller

All genuine settings of your ebike are saved
Integration and development to match with your existing drive system & battery

- A Mobile Application for Maintenance Operations

A web-based application gathering all smart data
generated by the fleet and organizing them on a complete and intuitive dashboard.


Real-time interaction

Thanks to EBL embedded technology, every bike is connected in real-time to the cloud-based server. In addition to be able to track any bike journey, this allows you to be able to pursue high standard of both predictive and curative maintenance. This will probably make the difference with your competitors if the operator is able to maintain all electrical issues from its desktop.

Maintenance abilities

  • Conduct regular batteries maintenance operations
  • 24/7 diagnosis and Predictive Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting detection for a quicker bike fixing
  • Tickets based management of maintenance orders

Anti-theft System

  • Prevent bike theft with efficiency
  • Stolen bike are out of orders for resale
  • Tracked bike can be recover
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B2eBike Delivers Connected eBikes Powered by eBikeLabs Technology


With fast changing bicycle market, B2eBike identified ebike sharing market as a promising segment. B2eBike was looking for an European technology partner to build connected ebike in a reduced time frame in order to expand its product line, offer a greater value to its customers and stay on the top of the market demands.

connected solution can help bike manufacturers

eBikeLabs Solution


  • Bike components definition
  • Expertise in building connected e-bikes in a short time frame
  • Partnerships with bike makers

Tech innovation: the connected ebike

  • Smart controller as a key-factor to bring intelligence to the ebike
  • Connected maintenance as a powerful tool to reduce operational costs
  • Features customized to meet B2eBike business needs
  • Fast to market with assemble in France


1. eBikeLabs served B2eBike as a key partner and advisor in building the connected ebike in a reduced time frame with assembly in France.

2. eBikeLabs technology platform helped B2eBike to maximize its unique value proposition, differentiate the company and its products on the market and create added value for customers.

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About B2eBike

B2eBike offers turnkey solutions adapted to companies through the use of electric assistance bicycles, the most suitable way for the transition to a smooth and economical mode of transport while remaining joyful and good for health.


Two issues

Having developed a top notch kit designed to electrify any mechanical bike on the market, our customer had to face 2 issues. The lowering market price of ebike kits and obviously expected costs and risks regarding after-sales.

A way to fix

Our customer decided to position its solution on the top of the market/price segment, burning a little more cash to implement unprecedented features to its already great ebike kit. Instant wheel blocking system and remote maintenance were definitely a plus for its product.

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eBikeLabs Solution

eBikeLabs integrated its connected controller with the customer’s battery/engine in 2 weeks and started to interface the softwares with client’s need


To start with, eBikeLabs delivered a customized version of its EbikeCheck™ phone-based app to be used by its distributors network, anywhere in the world.


The very intuitive app allows to monitor all electrical parts on the bike, restore settings and even fix some of them. These remote diagnosis and breakdown detection are of great help for all bikeshop mechanics.

Manage in details

Of course the drive system company was also interested in having a big picture of how it network’s aftersales workflow was doing. Thanks to eBikeLabs Fleet Manager, the company can monitor all technical details and servicing of the fleet of ebike kits that were sold.


Manage in details

As a B2C-oriented ebike kit, the final product had to come in a box that was already designed. There were spaces for the engine, the battery, the controller and for some wires. Like on a shared bike, no more room for any specific device !

eBikeLabs connected controller simply took the place of the original low-tech controller. The good surprise was that eBikeLabs IoT solution for ebike sharing does not require any additional device on the bike, ...nor on the product box !


Take new decisions

Pioneering a few years ago as a regular bike share scheme operator, our client wanted to give ebike a try with a minimum investment. Electric bikes operation require specific organization and technical skills and he was not very comfortable with a predictable increase in operation cost.

Customize system

Besides regular bike fixing like flat tires or brake adjustments, he would need to be able to maintain, control and fix all electrical parts and manage batteries loads… and had no experience in that field. He was curious to hear eBikeLabs might have a very creative and smart evolutive solution.

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eBikeLabs Solution

Convert some of his regular bikes into ebikes, help him in selecting the appropriate drive system, battery and pedal assist sensor.


To make the whole system work together, we integrated a bespoke version of eBikeLabs connected controller that does not require any display panel.

Start building

To start with, eBikeLabs delivered a customized version of its EbikeCheck™ phone-based app to be used by its maintenance team.

Intelligent monitoring

The very intuitive app allows to monitor all electrical parts on the bike, restore settings and even fix some of them. These remote diagnosis and breakdown detection is a real timesaver for those who have already involved in that.

No display panel, no need for ebike expert mechanics, less maintenance shifts and the eBikeLabs software which can possibly monitor thousands more bikes in the future.


Once eBikeLabs controller is on board, the customer can upgrade later on and decide to add new features along the development of its bikeshare project.

eBikeLabs user license grants him the right to benefits from numerous existing features and even some that are still being developed.

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