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eBikeLabs solution for Free Floating helps our customers to globally improve their mission in terms of fleet monitoring and reliability of the entire ebike service. By insuring a 24/7 diagnosis process of all electrical parts in each bike, the savings on maintenance costs are expected substantial. Beside, the solution can include a remote wheel-locking system to avoid the bike to be stolen.

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eBikeLabs offer consists in 3 parts :

- The EBL Proprietary Connected Controller

All genuine settings of your ebike are saved
Integration and development to match with your existing drive system & battery

- A Mobile Application for Maintenance Operations

A web-based application gathering all smart data
generated by the fleet and organizing them on a complete and intuitive dashboard.

Positive Effects

Real-time interaction

Thanks to EBL embedded technology, every bike is connected in real-time to the cloud-based server. In addition to be able to track any bike journey, this allows you to be able to pursue high standard of both predictive and curative maintenance. This will probably make the difference with your competitors if the operator is able to maintain all electrical issues from its desktop.

Maintenance abilities

  • Conduct regular batteries maintenance operations
  • 24/7 diagnosis and Predictive Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting detection for a quicker bike fixing
  • Tickets based management of maintenance orders

Anti-theft System

  • Prevent bike theft with efficiency
  • Stolen bike are out of orders for resale
  • Tracked bike can be recover
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