Celebrating 4 years of eBikeLabs !

May 2, 2019News

We launched eBikeLabs 4 years ago with a mission to accelerate the ebike adoption in urban areas and today we remain committed to provide the technology platform that offers safe, reliable and fast movement of people in urban areas using shared electric bicycles.

Since the foundation of the company, we’ve observed how ebike sharing along with other shared mobility services have started to have an increasing impact on urban mobility in many countries. And today it shakes up the economy in the entire world! The new mobility paradigm gives rise to several questions. How cities can best manage the emergence of new ebike shared-mobility services? How can mobility operators ensure security of riders and make their ebike fleet sustainable and profitable?

Today eBikeLabs is 4 years old and we solve the biggest nightmares of mobility operators. eBikeLabs offers solutions to create ebike sharing service that offers safe and enjoyable ride and brings profit to the business. We work together with cities and help organize free floating ebike sharing. We deliver a technology platform that gives opportunity to mobility operators to control the fleet and respect the rules established by cities.

We’re proud that our company has grown at such a rate, and that we count local, regional, and national businesses among our client and partner bases, including small, medium and large-scale enterprises: Pendix, B2eBike, Allianz, Toyota Tsusho, Arcade, Indigo, EasyBike Group, InnoEnergy, ADEME.

We have offices in Paris and Grenoble and our team has grown. Thank you to everyone who has been part of our success, we truly appreciate your support and we very much look forward to many successful years ahead.