Meet the newest member of our team Arnaud Groby

Dec 17, 2019News

We are pleased to announce the newest member of our team Arnaud Groby!

Arnaud has joined our technical team as a  new full stack engineer. He will be focusing on eBikeLabs back office functionalities and customer projects. From design to development of APIs and web management interfaces, as well as testing and integration, Arnaud will be ensuring the scalability and flexibility of eBikeLabs services.

Being a former railwayman, Arnaud had made a decision to quit his job as he has always been attracted by computers. Arnaud said that after watching the movie “The Social Network” it became obvious to him to make a change and pursue his passion for web development.

“I decided to join eBikeLabs because I love cycling and I think ebikes are the future of cities. There are the best and fastest way to move, and they are also good for health. Our mission is important for present and future generations, as we have to adopt simple green habits that have a huge impact on the environment and health” – Arnaud Groby.  

In his free time Arnaud loves to spend time with his family and friends and mountain bike in beautiful landscapes. He also plays guitar in the metal band and gives shows across Europe for many years now.

We’re excited to have Arnaud on board to continue working towards our goal: accelerate the adoption of shared electric bicycles into cities all over the world by helping mobility operators create reliable, sustainable and profitable ebike sharing fleets.

Arnaud Groby, Full Stack Engineer, eBikeLabs