Thanks to our smart products and services,
we have at heart to bring the most adaptative
and flexible functionnalities for your current system.

Our offers also include software applications that brings unprecedented features to your electric bikes.

Our user smartphone apps render a virtual connection between cyclist and his/her bicycle, or between Operator HQ and any bike of the fleet, offering functionalities such as location, geofencing, battery level,...

Use our basic app development kit with features in the topics safety, health, ease and recreationor opt for a customized app, branded with your company identity.

We also develop applications dedicated to the needs of repairs shop focused on the efficiency of the after-sales service. The scope of available applications for your organizaation will depend on your specific needs we will discuss as a first step.

Improve your eBike system with our services

With reporting of smart data.

eBikeLabs interprets the smart data collected by the controller and sends individualized remote information of the entire vehicle to the fleet operator and the repair shops so that they can provide a personalized maintenance, battery life extension and customersupport on the basis of the information retrieved.

With customized functionnality.

We are working hard to bring you the possibility to put all the components you need for your eBike system. Our Devkit mobile is like a massive library where features can be fully customized by you. Thanks to this, we can seamlessly integrate your service and favors the optimization of your eBike system.






eBikeLabs wireless connectivity allows a complete fleet operating from a simple smartphone. As a Bikeshare Manager you can decide to adapt the power of any bike of the fleet, according to weather conditions or any specific local needs such as frequent downhill areas. On top of obvious security purpose, this feature will also save on bike brakes while generating extra power into the battery.

Bike power Adjustments (torque, speed, RPM)

Speed limit Settings (20 to 30 km/h)

Power-generating braking system

Completely wireless technology

Key Benefits for your business

  • Secure users & riders
  • Save on brake fixing/replacing
  • Electronic Brake system generates energy to extend your batterie's range