Thanks to our smart products and services,
we have at heart to bring the most adaptative
and flexible functionnalities for your current system.

eBikeLabs provides the first real IoT Solution for ebike fleet operators.

Our dashboard provides a solid basis for efficient fleet management. Location, usage, statistics and maintenance issues can be called for a single ebike, a specific bike groups or for the entire fleet. Insights in how, when, where and how long bicycles are actually used are of great use for anyone with a ebike fleet to operate.

eBikeLabs does not handle a Bike Fleet management system (booking, payments…), but all the datas we gather, produce and deliver will plug into your proper IT system

your ebike communicates with you
The engine system becomes interactive and can collaborate with intelligent services. It is an integral part of a complete, flexible and autonomous ecosystem capable of using data from sensors.Pierre-Louis Jourdan - CTO
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Our controller and services make it possible

save your ebike, block the engine wheel
Anti-theft system
advanced riders health data generation
Smart data operating
Bike share user experience goes far beyond expectations
Unparalleled consumer
riding experience
locate a bike, check it out and enjoy you ride
Remote check & geo location
remote battery check and regeneration
Battery life extension
24/7 remote diagnosis and breakdown fixing