Create sustainable and profitable e-bike fleet

Launch your e-bike fleet in 3 simple steps


Build your e-bike

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Validate your e-bike sample

e-bike e-Bike sample test ride
Software integration


Start operating

eBikeSafe anti theft system eBikeSafe: anti theft system
eBikeCheck optimized maintenance eBikeCheck: optimized maintenance
eBikeProfile safe and enjoyably rides eBikeProfile: safe & enjoyable rides

1. Build your e-bike

No e-bike? No problem!

We’ll help you to build smart and reliable e-bike per your time to market and budget. Our experts provide you consulting on everything you need:

  • e-bike technical and design consulting services,
  • business model simulation tools,
  • contacts with the industry.
micromobility  e-bike maintenance

2. Validate you e-bike sample

e-bike prototype fleet

e-Bike sample test ride

Test your e-bike sample in real world and validate features before large deployment. Test and validate:

  • The look and feel of the bike
  • The riding experience
  • The fine tuning of the parameters for the anti-theft, maintenance and assistance.

Software integration

Our architecture is fully API / SDK driven and focuses on security, scalability and robustness. We can easily integrate with any IT ecosystem and provide rich and valuable data to third parties. If you don’t own a complete IT ecosystem we are able to provide interfaces that will cover all your needs from maintenance and operations to the rider. Those interfaces include both web and native mobile applications. 

software e-bike controller

3. Start operating

eBikeSafe: anti theft system

The inseparable electronic motor locking system replaces hardware locks and it locks the wheel of the e-bike using the motor itself. In the event of unauthorised penetration, e-bikes become inoperative vehicles. Patented technology.

Read the article to learn more about eBikeSafe.


e-bike sharing security anti theft
maximized security

Maximized security

The only practical way to bypass the anti theft is to destroy parts of the drive system

Safety for riders

eBikeSafe is gradual and can’t cause the user to fall, even if engaged due to some failure


Remote control

Remotely lock/unlock the system only when the e-bike is not moving


Protects battery

The battery and vehicle control unit are paired, making it impossible for them to work separately

doesn_t depend on battery

Doesn’t depend on battery

The anti theft works even with empty battery


Fits almost any e-bike

eBikeSafe can be integrated in any e-bike equipped with a wheel motor


e-bike maintenance

eBikeCheck: optimized maintenance

eBikeCheck is a service for maintenance team based on a platform and a mobile app that provides a step-by-step guide to quickly identify and solve the problem on the e-bike.

eBikeCheck helps to manage tickets and maintenance workflow, anticipate breakdowns, detect abnormal activities and increase e-bike realibility. The application is interconnected with eBikeProfile.



Failures before they occur



Parts from excessive wear



Automated wireless data transfer, ticket creation, and resource allocation


On-site diagnosis & breakdown fixing

Cure malfunctions using 1 min diagnosis of electrical system with step-by-step repair guide


Do nothing and save

Replace hardware components with algorithms: pedaling torque, motor position and temperature, odometer

reduced battery swaps

Reduce battery swaps

True assisted pedalling allows to optimize the battery consumption and make it last longer

eBikeProfile: safe and enjoyable rides

eBikeProfile is a service which is based on a platform for fleet operators and mobile app for end-users. It is a must-have tool to achieve maximum operational efficiency, enhance user experience, and ensure user’s safety. eBikeProfile is interconnected with eBikeCheck.


ebike sharing security

Remote control

Remotely set acceleration and speed limit in geographic areas or reinforce global thresholds


Regenerative speed control

Prevent riders from reaching excessive speed


True assisted pedalling

Torque sensor simulation automatically adapts power to real human pedalling, giving the feeling of true pedalling


Over-the-air firmware updates

Conform with city regulations and implement new features in a matter of minutes

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Hey mobility operators! 

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