Introducing eBikeOS

The first operating system for urban electric bikes

eBikeOS is the first operating system dedicated to urban e-bikes. It features an embedded AI that reduces and enhances hardware components with software. As a result, e-bikes require less maintenance, are more reliable, cost-effective, provide a better user experience, and enable innovation. And to top it up, we continuously bring you our new technology to foster your innovation.

AI for e-bikes

For sturdier shared e-bikes

Use our controller intelligence to put safe and profitable shared e-bikes on the streets.

AI for e-bikes

For innovative retail e-bikes

Design your e-bike dream model: innovative, reliable, cost-effective, and for all.

Our added values

eBikeLabs artificial intelligence for e-bikes

With eBikeLabs, establish a flexible and reliable partnership for your innovative breakthrough projects

  • Develop a strategic partnership for your motor control development and take control over your e-bike design.
  • Benefit from our unique expertise in embedded software and AI for e-bike motor control in compliance with the EN 15194 standard.
  • Innovate at the heart of the e-bike and differentiate your brand.

Reduce costs and bring more value to your riders

  • Reduce BOM cost (e.g. avoid gearbox/display ~ 30-100 €).
  • Choose more affordable components (hub motor, other torque sensor options).
  • Reduce maintenance costs (no hardware = no maintenance).
  • Eliminate supply chain hassle for complex or fragile components
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel (i.e. re-developing and evolving basic motor control).
eBikeLabs artificial intelligence for e-bikes

eBikeOS is the only motor control software that enables the development of safer, more reliable, and innovative urban electric e-bikes. Here is why:

Reliable anti theft;
Real-time diagnostics and maintenance;
Unique ride feeling;
Evolutive platform to make e-bikes more capable and safer over time;
Secure communication with the CANopen standard;
EN 15194 compliance;
Patented technology.
E-bike motor control software

Hello e-bike designers,

Do you want to learn more about our open controller that will allow you to design sustainable and innovative e-bikes with a better user experience and less costs?
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