About eBikeLabs

Our mission

eBikeLabs was born in 2015 from the passion and realization that the e-bike market was promising. As the main owner and founder, Maël Bosson built his own e-bikes as a hobby as well as out being convinced that e-bikes are much more convenient than cars for short distance travel in and around crowded cities. As Grenoble is based in French Alps, Mael also built e-bikes capable of working in mountains. He then quickly realized that the main way to build a sustainable e-bike is to focus on the vehicle controller, i.e. the component that controls the motor and other e-bike elements.

After his PhD, Mael set up eBikeLabs, and he also met like-minded people Pierre-Louis Jourdan, Raphaël Marguet and Cyrille Romera. Together they assembled a team and started to work towards the mission to make e-bikes accessible to everyone.

Mael Bosson
“I launched eBikeLabs with a mission to accelerate the e-bike adoption in urban areas and today we remain committed to provide the platform that offers safe, reliable and fast movement of people in urban areas using shared electric bicycles. I’m proud that our company has grown at such a rate. I’m particularly proud of our team for what we have achieved!” – Mael Bosson, CEO & Founder.
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